Chemistry Interactive Demonstrations and Educational Resources (CIDER) website screenshotChemistry Interactive Demonstrations and Educational Resources (CIDER) is a Drupal 7 site. It was created for Randy Sullivan and Tom Greenbowe in the Chemistry and Biochemistry department. CIDER site was created to replace the older Chemdemos site with the following improvements:
  • Streamline the requesting and delivery of lecture demonstrations for any UO faculty.
  • Facilitate the development of learning modules based on lecture demonstrations, computer simulations, manipulatives,  and future categories by adding the ability for instructors to give feedback on demos and to upload related files.
  • Disseminate learning modules throughout the chemistry education community at large.
  • Introduce a flexible resource framework that supports an expandable list of categorized content  (initially Demo, Classroom Activity and Simulation).
  • Allow external colleagues to review and contribute content.
  • Offer an interactive experience for all users of the system.